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Innovate Lanka to Select, Fund, Mentor, and Accelerate Budding Startups and SMEs (AUG 2022)

Innovate Lanka is a national initiative that brings all the startup and SME ecosystem partners together to build our nation providing customized support for every entrepreneur and be the one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs to obtain funding, mentoring, incubating and accelerate and grow them until exit. This is an initiative of the Council for Startups (CFS) of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), Lankan Angel Network (LAN), and Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM). Innovate Lanka is inclusive for all stakeholders who work and operate in the startup and SME ecosystem domain, which also includes several active participants in the local startup ecosystem; including Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), Export Development Board (EDB), and Industrial Development Board (IDB), being the National Partners; and the Council for Startups of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is the National Private Sector Partner; Lankan Angel Network, Indian Angel Network, Global Angels Network, BOV Capital, and nVentures being the Investment Partners; KPMG, and PWC being the Knowledge Partners, SLASSCOM, and Sri Lanka @100 being the Ecosystem Partners; Wijeya Newspapers, Roar Global, The 87 Agency being the Media Partners; Are We Legal, and Heritage Partners being the Legal Partners; The American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka (AMCHAM-SL) being the Global Partner; Venture Frontier, Hatch, Lanka Accelerator, Good Life X, Centre for SMEs of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce being the Accelerator and Incubator Partners for this initiative. These entities have joined together to facilitate Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in accessing opportunities that will make them truly competitive in global markets.
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Workshop for EU-Sri Lanka Innovation Partnership Networking Event (FEB 2021)

The EU-Sri Lanka Innovation Partnership (EU-SLIP) launched an Agritech Thematic Challenge! Through this Agritech thematic challenge, Sri Lankan and European Agritech startups deploying disruptive solutions that improve crop yields, market linkages and supply chains to promote food security and a resilient agricultural sector participated in this challenge where they were connected to corporates as well as matched to startups from the other region working on similar solutions. This is in order to support the matched startups to co-create on complementary innovative Agritech solutions and potentially introduce them to the Sri Lankan and European markets.

Virtual mentoring session at the Hatch Open House Programme (MARCH 2021)

One-on-one mentoring session was organized at the Hatch Members’ Lounge with the Council for Startups – Board Members. This mentoring session helped to develop startups by providing them with opportunities to experiment their ideas, acquire knowledge from multiple successful companies, and share lessons that helped in developing their network.

Session conducted at the Sri Lanka Investments Forum [SLIF] (JUNE 2021)

A webinar on the Startup Ecosystem Landscape was held to attract investments via the local Tech and Innovation opportunities. It was noted that in a thriving/robust startup ecosystem a good investment climate and deal flow is critical. The aim of the webinar was to showcase the local Tech and Innovation potential and to boost the venture funding ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

B2B Meetings & Exhibiting Startups at the Sri Lanka Investments Forum [SLIF] (JUNE 2021)

B2B meetings were organized to support the Sri Lankan Startups to reach out to international investors and showcase their product/service offerings and secure investments. 18 startups were exhibited at the SLIF (selected based on the merit) and showcased their offerings to address the world problems which also had high growth potential.

Entrepreneur Development Programme with focus on “Go to Market” (AUG & SEP 2021)

We partnered with Think Solutions LLP to organize “Business First”, a 4-week virtual programme. Think Solutions brought in lessons from Singapore's entrepreneurial success to help businesses navigate a turbulent economy. Here 10 years of Singapore's startup incubator prowess to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and business professionals aspiring to level up and reinvent their businesses. This programme focused specially on helping current businesses and new startups achieve their unique long-term growth targets.
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