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Mission Statement

To be the forefront in providing numerous opportunities for startups and to be an incubator aimed to provide a conductive environment for entrepreneurs and founders with access to global markets, idea validation, debt and equity finance, mentorship and to facilitate skilled professionals and service providers.

What do we do?

  1. Think Tank - To function as a Think Tank to develop a Startup Ecosystem Landscape in Sri Lanka.
  2. Access to Market - Be a conduit to connect startups, founders / entrepreneurs and facilitate market access.
  3. Access to Finance - Be a conduit to connect startups, founders / entrepreneurs and facilitate access to finance.
  4. Idea validation – potential business ideas of startups, founders to be validated by an expert panel.
  5. Mentoring & Sound Advice – We connect with the right people to help grow your startup and navigate the challenges of today’s startup world.
  6. Access to the global startup network – We leverage our international members to connect you with other startups around the world.
  7. Business connectivity – We leverage our big brother, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, and its 600 members to promote more business opportunities for your startup.
  8. Facilitate cutting edge access – We create networking that helps you meet prospective investors and get acquainted with the latest technology and innovation.
  9. Ecosystem system – We work with government ministries and agencies to make Sri Lanka more Startup Friendly.
  10. Knowledge sharing – We invite you to utilize a library of information that will empower you to make bold and intelligent entrepreneurial decisions.

Who we are?

The Council for Startups of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is an initiative of the Ceylon Chamber to help, support, and mentor startups in Sri Lanka to pivot their businesses and enable them to grow.